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“A wonderful balance of real jazz,
and the elegance and seamless performance
that an event such as a wedding entails”
—Diana and David

Find A Great New York City Jazz Band For Your Event

Are you tired of sifting through websites advertising pickup bands that only dabble in jazz, or jazz bandleaders who only dabble in providing music for private events? Are you wary of taking their claims on faith, listening to audio files that may not accurately represent what they offer? Are you looking for something better?

Then you've come to the right place.

We feature professionally-produced videos of real working jazz groups that take all the risk and guess-work out of choosing a jazz band for your wedding, corporate or social event. Both individuals and professional event planners can choose with confidence from a multitude of groups in a variety of instrumentations and styles, all led by a bandleader with over twenty years experience on the New York City jazz scene who brings a personal commitment to making your event a success. Think of it as one-stop shopping whenever you need a world-class jazz band for your event.

Why choose Us?

New York Jazz Events is the only resource on the internet where you will find:

  • a seasoned bandleader with over 25 years experience on the New York, NY jazz scene
  • real working jazz ensembles featuring some of the best jazz musicians in NYC
  • a variety of groups including trios, quartets and quintets featuring pianists, guitarists, saxophonists, vocalists, and vibraphonists
  • professionally-produced videos that take all the guess work and risk out of your choice
  • extensive informative resources including detailed client reviews, an FAQ, a Facebook page featuring photos of previous events, a Twitter news feed, a blog, and more
  • a simple website that guides you through the process of choosing and booking a jazz band for your event quickly and easily

Ready to Get Started?

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